advice-angleHere at Powerstories Theatre we are always seeking to help others reach their highest potential. With this in mind, we have chosen this September, National Self Improvement Month, to officially launch our new play series Advice I Would Give My Younger Self: Always Know Where Your Lunch Money Is!

Lunch Money is a one-hour original production featuring true stories about money and pop-music for all generations. It is available to you for one week only at Powerstories.

Are you looking for a new way to…

  • Present to prospective clients
  • Generate leads
  • Deepen connections with existing clientele
  • Reinforce your brand
  • Plan a teambuilding event
  • Gift your employees / clients with a fun night out
  • Create networking opportunities

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60 seat black box theatre near downtown Tampa
Afternoon and evening timeslots
Powerstories Theatre 2015 W. Kennedy Blvd. Tampa, Florida 33606

For more information email Stefanie Coren at
or Fran Powers at