Girlstories Leadership Theatre (GLT) will be making a dramatic change this year. After much discussion and analysis we have decided to build our GLT program through and in partnership with other social service agencies vs. putting our efforts into building our own Tampa program at Powerstories Theatre.

This allows Powerstories to serve more girls more often and to provide the programs in the neighborhoods where they live.  The goals of the GLT will remain as always. The Powerstories staff will work to build confidence and communication skills through leadership, theatre, personal storytelling, art, music and dance.

This year, 2018, we will be providing the following;

  • Girlstories Leadership Theatre at WILBERT DAVIS/BELMONT HEIGHTS BOYS & GIRLS CLUB

A full year of Girlstories Leadership Theatre will be provided at the Wilbert Davis/Belmont Heights in conjunction with The Boys and Girls Club. The Powerstories Theatre staff will serve up to 50 middle school girls. Twenty middle school girls will be served EVERY week a few times a week at the center located at 3515 Sarah Street, Tampa Fl. 33605 and an additional 30 will be served during their summer program. The summer program will provide services for 2 hours a day for 9 weeks.  Any girls from the past Tampa program are welcome to join our staff here at the Boys and Girls Club.

  • Girlstories Leadership Theatre at RCMA Leadership Academy

A full year of Girlstories Leadership Theatre will be provided at RCMA in conjunction with the RCMA Leadership Academy in Wimauma, Fl. This program will serve up to 50 middle and elementary girls beginning in the summer. The summer program will meet daily for four hours a day for six weeks.  After the summer program is completed, the program will continue at RCMA during the school year.

  • Girlstories Leadership Theatre at Powerstories Theatre in Tampa

June 18 – 22, 2018 A one-week GLT Tampa program will be provided for up to 20 past GLT participants from the Tampa program. This program will be an intensive theatre leadership program to sharpen skills on public speaking, personal storytelling, etc.  The curriculum is in development. This will be offered every year in Tampa for GLT graduates.