To Schedule an AUDITION TIME or for more information contact: Fran Powers. or Sheri Whittington 

Audition Notice for Holiday Musical

The holiday musical Twelve by Fran Taylor Powers and music by Terez “Firewoman” Hartman

will be performing November 30 through December 17, 2017  at Powerstories Theatre. 

Auditions held Saturday, September 30, Sunday October 1 and Saturday October 7th.

Please read details below and share with others.

Synopsis: It’s the week before Christmas, 1950 in San Diego California.  Betty, a single mother, is working as a waitress to put food on the table for her two young daughters. As she is serving lunch, Harold, a sailor walks in the door to order the “Workingman’s Special” of roast beef and mashed potatoes.  At that moment, these two strangers are connected. Harold asks Betty one important question and the answer starts their life journey together. Twelve is the love story of one woman’s quest to fulfill her dream of having a large family and the man who supports her through many ups and downs.

This is an original play with music and is based on the lives of Betty and Harold Taylor, the parents of author Fran Powers. There are nine original songs written and composed by Terez Hartman.  The play spans sixteen years.

There are up to 18 characters with several characters playing more than one role.  Auditions will be held for all parts except Betty and Harold Taylor. There are parts for four men, four women, four teenage girls, four youth girls and two 2 youth boys.

Characters in order of appearance

Betty Wolfe Taylor – (Lead character)-  to be performed by Lisa Negron

Royale Martingnoni – age 20’s

Customer #1(Man) (Later dancer at New Year’s Dance and Working Boss) – age 20’s

Customer #2 (Woman) (dancer at New Year’s Dance and later to play Donna) – age late teens

Sailor #1 (later to play neighborhood boy) – age 20’s

Sailor #2 (later to Working Boss and Doctor) – age 20’s

Harold Taylor – (Lead character) – to be performed by Omar Negron

Woman – Date of Harold at New Year’s Dance (later to mean woman)

Donna age 14ish (also plays Customer #1)

Mary age 17ish (also plays Woman – Date of Harold) (main character)

Liz age 13ish (main character)

Fran age 11ish (main character)

David age 9 ish

John age 8 ish

Rose age 7 ish (earlier plays role of young Mary)

Judy age 7 ish (earlier plays role of Debbie)

Cathy age 6 ish (earlier plays role of young Liz)

Ruth age 6 ish (earlier plays role of young Fran)


Auditions to be held at Powerstories Theatre, 2105 W. Kennedy Blvd. Tampa Florida 33606

September 30, 3 to 5 pm, (Saturday)

October 1, 2 to 5 pm (Sunday)

October 7, 3 to 5 pm (Saturday)

Call backs if needed October 8 (Sunday)

Script Read Through  – Saturday October 21

Rehearsals start October 24 – detailed information forthcoming.

Opens November 30 – Closes December 17.  Thursdays – Saturdays 8 pm. Sundays 2 pm.

To Schedule an AUDITION TIME or for more information contact: Fran Powers. or Sheri Whittington 

 Send or bring head shot. Prepare a short dramatic or comedic monologue and a song of choice for audition. Bring own recorded music to accompany song.