Calendar Girls

by Tim Firth

Director: Bridget Bean

Venue: Powerstories Theatre, 2105 W. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, FL 33606.

Performance Dates: Oct 4 – 21, 2018

 Information for actors

Rehearsals to begin September 5, 2018. Evenings and weekends.

Performances 12 performances Oct 4 – 21, 2018. Thursdays, Friday, Saturday at 8 pm, Sundays at 2 pm

Non-union. Small actor stipend.


Powerstories will attend the TTB Unified Auditions and we will also hold Open Auditions at our theatre. Actors do not need to attend both sets of auditions, but may do so if desired.

Callback dates are TBD and are at the discretion of the director. All Callback auditions are by invitation only.

  1. TTB Unified Auditions – Saturday, June 30, 2018

Please visit for details.

  1. Powerstories Open Auditions – Friday July 6 and Saturday July 7, 2018
  2. To schedule an audition time, contact Bridget Bean at or call (813) 403-3442
  3. Prepare a monologue of your choice in a British Accent, up to one minute in length.
  4. You may also be asked to read from the script.


The Women’s Institute in Great Britain encourages the ancient skills of jam-making, flower pressing, knitting and baking. So, when a group of extraordinary women start looking for a new way to raise money, they decide to take the annual W.I. calendar, which normally features landscapes or flowers, and instead create something traditional – with a non-conventional twist. Behind the baked goods, the apple pressing and the flower arranging, the women are completely nude.

The play is adapted from the film of the same name, also written by Tim Firth, and based on the true story of a group of mature Englishwomen who created a pin-up calendar to raise money when the husband of one of their group died of cancer. Several facts were altered from the original story; however, the main themes, of friendship, community, and how good things can come from non-conformity and bravery, remain.

Auditioning actors are encouraged to check out the movie trailer here:



Characters with an asterisk (*) require brief semi-nudity which may include: shoulders, cleavage, waist, back, hips, and maybe a little “side-boob”, all of which is gently humorous, tasteful, and celebrates mature female beauty. “Imperfect” bodies are welcomed and encouraged.

Chris, 50s, funny, outgoing, rebellious, loud. Loves being the center of attention. With her loving husband Rod, runs a flower shop. It is Chris’s idea to shoot their own version of a pinup calendar to raise money for the cancer hospital. *

Annie, 50s, best friends with Chris since childhood, loves to join in with mischief but is less confrontational than Chris. Annie’s husband, John, has cancer, but only she and Chris know this at the start of the play. *

Cora, around 40.  Vicar’s daughter, single mother, and ex-rock chick. Deadpan wit. Must be able to sing. Piano player a plus. *

Jessie, late 60s-70s. Ex-teacher. Brave and refuses to accept aging. Loves life, takes risks, has no time for fools.*

Celia, 35-50. Wealthy, well-dressed in designer clothes, plays golf, loves to drink. Has a rebellious side which sets her aside from the vapid materialism of her peer group. Has a great figure. *

Ruth, 40s. Intensely conventional, eager to please the WI leader, we can sense there is more to her than her life is allowing her to be. During the play Ruth’s journey takes her from the false self-confidence of the emotionally abused to the genuine self-confidence of a woman happy in her own skin. *

Marie, 50s. Pronounced MAH-ri, Marie is the leader of the Women’s Institute (a club for women, rather traditional, where they have speakers on various topics, do crafts, and organize annual fetes, etc.). Uptight and driven.

Brenda Hulse, any age, a boring speaker (who thinks she is interesting).

Lady Cravenshire, 60s. Overbearing aristocratic presence who makes a large entrance in a large hat.

Elaine, 20s. A beautician. Confident and clinical.

Brenda, Lady Cravenshire, and Elaine, may be separately cast or doubled in some combination with each other.


John, 50s, Annie’s husband. A warm optimist like the sunflowers he loves. Not a saint or hero, but a beloved lifelong friend. Works in the forestry service and has lived in the village his whole life. When he dies it feels like someone somewhere turned a light off.

Rod, 50s, Chris’s husband. Runs a flower shop with Chris. Hardworking and fun. Loves being married to Chris, he can give back what he gets, and can make her laugh. Drinks a lot but never so much to have a problem.

Lawrence, 20s-30s, Works at the hospital, and is an excellent photographer. Shy but with a sense of humor. When he takes the shots for the calendar he is close to female nudity but sees only the photo.

Liam, 20s-30s, directs commercials, is professional with a resigned patience. Does not like his job.

Lawrence and Liam may be doubled.