*As a Veteran this is the most powerful presentation of this play( A Piece of my Heart) I have seen, honest, heartfelt, the players made the production come to life. Thank you for sharing this story of the women who are as well unspoken Hero”s. I Directed this play 16 years ago and did not realize the impact this play would have on me. My Wife and my fellow Vets, Thank YOU. Ralph and Janette Pauley , Hudson, Florida

* I want to commend the writer, the actors, director and all involved with the  production of A PIECE OF MY HEART.  I was in the active duty Army for 13 years.  My husband was in for 27; my Dad was a WWII infantryman, and my son is at West Point.  I could list a number of friends and family members.   I cried through your entire show. I cried for some of my own experiences the play brought to mind and for the future life my son will have.  I cried for all the soldiers currently serving and those who suffer from PTSD.  I cried for the camaraderie of those I served with which I no longer can enjoy.  I have never been to war but could relate on so many levels with the story of these women.  I am sure every woman who has served in the military could share similar stories.  Thanks for choosing to produce such a poignant and relevant show.  Lori Smith

*My family and I attended “A Piece of My Heart” this weekend and the play far exceeded our expectations! The play tells the stories of six heroic women as they navigate life in war-torn Vietnam and adjust to American life post-Vietnam. Simultaneously beautiful and agonizing, this play’s appeal extends to multiple generations: from my uncle, who served in Vietnam, to my daughter, who didn’t know much about the conflict prior to seeing the show. The acting was deep, rich, and professional and the live music was heartfelt and spot-on! Attending this play was well-worth the emotional investment (it’s very possible that you’ll cry). Christy Everton-Cappa

*I enjoyed this play very much, they did a great job with a tough topic
I am a disabled, combat veteran with PTSD. Viet Nam was not my war but I do have m any friends that where there.
I rode my motorcycle to the Wall in DC every year for many years, tough to hold back the emotions.
Great job and I recommend everyone come see this play. Iron Joe

*Navy veteran and reservist – this play was amazing wish I would have came sooner. So I could have shared the word for such and amazing play.  Jeaniel Whatts  5 stars

*The opening night performance of “A Piece of My Heart” can only be described as extremely entertaining and intense; perhaps visceral. It is the true life experiences of six members of an unrecognized and certainly under honored group of heroes. They are the women who served as nurses and entertainers for our young men fighting in Vietnam. Four military nurses, one Red Cross volunteer and a member of a band who signed on for a year’s tour serving in Country share their lives during the tour and upon their return to the USA.

Underscored by beautifully performed live music and using a fast paced complex dialogue which was flawlessly executed you are literally and powerfully taken through the entire range of emotions they experienced; from joy, hope, humor, happiness to anger, frustration and real fear for their lives. This play will rip you out of the mundane and take you to that place where we are all connected.

The icing on the cake is the complicated production. The quick moving of props and people during the performance was professional and perfect. It reminded me of getting excellent service at a very high end restaurant. You were not consciously aware it was happening but you knew it greatly enhanced the experience.

If you wish to truly feel the power of life do not allow yourself to miss “A Piece of My Heart”. Powerstories Theatre, you have done it again!  Steve Harding

I saw TWELVE yesterday. Congratulations to my friend Fran Taylor Powers. You won’t find a more “intimate” theater space that Power Stories Theater, and you won’t find a story more filled with heart! Give yourself a Christmas present . . . and GO!  Janet

What a great show (Twelve) yesterday was. Loved seeing that whole story come to life and so many parts I hadn’t heard. You should feel very proud. Great cast andand great job directing all those children to keep it so lively. 🙂 Dana

I saw this play (12) over the weekend and really enjoyed it. In today’s world where everything is so political and there seems to be a crisis raging in every nation, it was nice to be pulled back into focus and brought to a place where you see what is truly important and lasting…family! 12 did this for me. It was inspirational, funny, sad at times but woven through and through with love and grace. I liked it so much I saw it again the next day.

The cast was top notch, from the oldest to the youngest, and the venue at Powerstories Theatre makes you feel like you’re a guest. All in all I say, very well done!  Charles

Being a part of the audience [Advice I Would Give My Younger Self] was an opportunity to hear stories in a new way. The sharing of stories has a unique and unforgettable way of connecting us all. Through a story wisdom and lessons are passed to teach and inspire others, most importantly our next generation, like in Advice I Would Give My Younger Self. Thank you for sharing. M.F.

I attended the show [Advice I Would Give My Younger Self] on 9/20/16. It was amazing! I laughed, was inspired and sang along with every song. The music was great. The 3 actresses are to be commended. They are fantastic and really engaged the audience. I felt as if I was a part of their group exchanging stories – the ones they read about as well as their own. Don’t miss it!  JR

Excellent and Awesome and Powerfully Moving. INDEED!!! Thank you! Please be sure and advise me if there are plans to share your stories in Pinellas County and/or beyond or again in Tampa. Looking forward to it!

“I laughed until my sides hurt when Deanna talked about drying her wig by hanging it on the ceiling fan while undergoing chemotherapy. Chills ran down my spine when Angela talked about being so poor that she captured poisonous snakes in the everglades to sell them for their venom. And then Joy’s exuberance for life recharged my soul and reminded me that we have to take the bad with the good. Such is life. It reminded me that I am lucky to be alive.”

“I have been lucky enough to attend three performances and would go again in a heartbeat.”

In hearing these frank narratives, I began to wonder how I could use their success stories and apply them to the problems in my life. And, of course, I also began to wonder what was my power story and allowed myself to explore my own areas of personal triumph.

“Thank you for all you have done for Amari. She had a rough year with her Mom going through domestic violence and losing employment. Coming to Girlstories has made a difference for her.” (Joann, grandmother)

“Your group…..THIS is how the world should be!” (Masa, teacher)

“I’ve been meaning to thank you for that experience for her!!!! I am just so amazed at what Girlstories has done for our Analina and what a perfect fit it is for her at this stage in her development. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts – you guys are truly inspirational and make such a difference for our girls – love to see their leadership!” (Cathy, parent)

“You will be saving lives here at Van Buren Middle School. I didn’t say helping girls. I meant SAVING LIVES!” (Assistant Principal, VBMS)

Thank you for another amazing year! Jenna has benefited so much from the program. You are shaping lives. Chris Callison

Parent of a High School Girl: We’re trying to get her there as much as possible to help. This is a great experience for her too. We are so thankful that we’ve met you all. Michelle Keeler

I truly appreciate you giving Lily the stage, and very impressed with how bold her voice was. (about younger daughter)
I brought 6 family members last night (to performance) and they were all blown away. So impressed with the production and the quality of the girls performances. See you later today. Amanda Casanova

Krissy looooovvvvvveesss Girlstories, and tells all her friends about it. Also, she wants to make sure that nothing that I sign her up for this summer interferes with the summer program. LaSonja Lloyd

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