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Debra Campbell

Tampa artist, Debra Campbell is a professional mixed media, painting and pastel artist. She’s been an art educator for grades K-8 and an adjunct professor at the University of South Florida School of Art. She is an arts advocate and also holds a degree in art therapy.

Debra is passionate about using art as a powerful mode of communication. She believes art is a modality that can bridge conflict. She creates art to communicate non-verbally those ideas that are bigger than words. Debra believes that art can diffuse differences and bypass intellectualizing to get to the heart of an issue.

Most recently, Debra has launched two digital boutiques for wearable art and interior decor featuring original art co-designed by Debra and her cousin. and

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Featured Work on Display on Powerstories’ Art Wall

“Define Beauty” Is a print enhanced with pastels. Although the subject wears a garden around her shoulders, her intense gaze contemplates more serious matters that the viewer can not see.

Betty Cheatham

I’m a mother of five, worship leader/musician, and tattoo artist in progress.

Featured Work on Display on Powerstories’ Art Wall

Wildflowers in Bloom

Mary-Helen Horne

When Mary-Helen Horne took a pottery class with her six-year old son, she discovered that making art was a welcome creative counterpoint to her career in IT and operations management. While her son moved on to other interests, she continued to develop her artistic avocation via self-directed practice and study.

After moving to Tampa, Florida for a new job, she took up surface design. A monotype class sparked Mary-Helen’s interest in further study of printmaking methods and design principles. Upon retirement from her business career, Mary-Helen has dedicated herself fully to developing her art portfolio and skills.

Dunedin Fine Arts Center, Dunedin FL: #SMF, Third Place award (Juror: Caroline Mathers, Stirling Smith Art Gallery & Museum), 2022
Morean Arts Center group show, St Petersburg FL: “This is Me”, Honorable Mention (Juror: Katie Diets, Florida Craft Art), 2019

Shows and collections
Tempus Projects, Tampa FL (upcoming): “KARST New Grounds”
Sanford Gallery, Florence MA (upcoming): “Crosscurrents”
Morean Arts Center group shows, St. Petersburg FL: “Bookish”
Orlando Museum of Art First Thursdays, Orlando FL: “Florida Grown”
Dunedin Fine Arts Center, Dunedin FL: #SMF
Zea Mays Printmaking “Canary in the Coal Mine” traveling exhibition
Online exhibition
Hosmer Gallery, Northampton MA
Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary Gallery, Easthampton, MA

Holds B.A. degree in Socioeconomics from Michigan State University, East Lansing MI

Featured Work on Display on Powerstories’ Art Wall

Title: Simple magnificence
Process: Drypoint monoprint using non-toxic inks on Rives BFK paper, mounted on wood cradleboard.

My art celebrates the rich and fragile diversity of natural Florida, especially its trees. Magnolias are a particular favorite: Both wild and cultivated, they stand resolute and majestic in the face of one of the earth’s harshest climates. Their massive flowers burst forth from tight, compact buds, unabashed in realizing their fullsome potential for a few short days. These trees exemplify the outsized personalities and spirit of life portrayed in “Steel Magnolias,” as expressed by Shelby: “I would rather have thirty minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special.”

Samson Huang

Multimedia artist living and working in Tampa. My pieces have shown nationally. Closer to home, my art has been exhibited at the Tampa Museum of Art, and selected as one of the 15 Emerging Artists to show at the prestigious Gasparilla Festival of the Arts. Additionally, awarded the Professional Artist Grant from the Art Council of Hillsborough County.

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Featured Work on Display on Powerstories’ Art Wall

Summer Bromeliads (Watercolor on Paper)

The summer rain ushers in the beautiful blooming Bromeliads in Tampa. They bursts with their vibrant colors of pink, red and orange complimented by their strands of green and yellow leaves. They grace us with their beauty for about two weeks and stay dormant until next year. This painting captures their magnificent essence.

Liz Kuntz

Artist, writer, teacher, mother of six and lots old grandchildren. Sister to Fran Powers.

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Featured Work on Display on Powerstories’ Art Wall


Judy Lashley

Recreational and tattoo artist.

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Featured Work on Display on Powerstories’ Art Wall


Loz the Painter

An engineer by day, Loz spends nights and weekends immersed (literally) in her paintings. She spreads glue with her fingers and layers paper scraps across the canvas to add subtle depth. She loves to use recycled materials and can be inspired by a strange shape or a pleasing color palette. Mostly she works in bright colors, mainly painting plants, animals, and insects. As a self-taught artist, she is always developing her style and searching for new techniques. Loz currently works out of her home studio in Tampa, Florida.

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Featured Work on Display on Powerstories’ Art Wall

“Sunflower” is a mixed media painting, composed mainly of recycled paper and acrylic paint. It is one of a series of flower paintings created by Loz in her home-studio in Florida.

I’ve always loved sunflowers–they’re so bold and always much bigger than you’d expect for a flower. In this piece I wanted to exaggerate those qualities with the use of vivid colors and lots of textural elements.

Becca McCoy

Becca McCoy is a multi-disciplinary artist based out of Atlanta. As a photographer, Becca has exhibited in City Hall – Smyrna, GA, the M2R Traveling Fence Gallery with Marietta Arts Alliance, with Acworth Arts Alliance, South Cobb Arts Alliance, and at the Marietta Cobb Museum of Art. She and her partner, artist Justin Groom, formed Leafmore Studios in 2022, vending in area art markets and providing arts services on commission.

Featured Work on Display on Powerstories’ Art Wall

Blooming yellow magnolia in the light of the golden hour.
Smyrna, GA

“My home in Smyrna, GA belonged to my partner’s grandmother, who was an incredible green-thumb. The property is a marvel year-round – something, somewhere on the grounds blooms in every season. The magnolias are some of my favorites, and we have wonderful pink and yellow trees. They are the harbingers of spring.”

Jen Papataros

I’m a local artist in St. Pete. I specialize in acrylics, pen and inks, photography, pastels… anything that can get my hands dirty. My family and I moved to the Tampa Bay Area in 2017 from the US Virgin Islands, where I owned and operated a gallery featuring the works of local female artists. I would be honored to hang at Powerstories Theatre, where my daughter was blessed to take the stage.

Featured Work on Display on Powerstories’ Art Wall

Looking Up From Under The Tree

Original acrylic on canvas painted from under the quiet and shade of my favorite tree. Looking up you can see slivers of the sky, reminding me of how big this world really is beyond the soft blanket of leaves.

Maira Rivera-Pinto

Mayra Rivera-Pinto was born in El Salvador, where much of her childhood was spent on her grandmother’s coffee farm and enjoyed playing in the woods and living in nature. The idea of losing that memory became desperate in her heart when she returned to her homeland in 2015 and saw with heartbreak the devastation at the capital and the mountains where the coffee farm was located; she began painting her first collection titled “Ongoing Battle” where she shows the struggle between those who want to remove forests and built houses, and those who try to preserve as many trees as possible. With this precept, the artist promotes the salvation of the trees in a comic form by painting green figures in action.
In her quest to present a bleak panorama where there are no trees, Mayra has created a series of eleven paintings titled “And then there were none”, in which a tree is removed from view in each painting.
Walking through the countryside has always been a great tonic for the artist, as well as inspiration for the creation of all her artistic artwork of trees and flowers.

Mayra Rivera-Pinto studied art at Art Atelier Academy in Miami, Fl. in 2010, having exhibited her art at Coral Gables. When she moved to Tampa, Fl. in 2013 her imagination began to take flight that is showed in the collection of flowers with human figures in its pistils, representing daily life, but beyond the superficiality of the beauty of flowers, is the relationship or connection that human beings have with nature, which without it, humanity would perish.

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Featured Work on Display on Powerstories’ Art Wall

Oil on canvas.

Admiring the precision, perfection and difficulty of the feats that the Trapeze artists perform on the stage. This flower inspired me to paint Trapeze artists as a tribute to its perfection.

Yolanda Rodriguez

Yolanda Rodriguez has been painting since she was 6 years old. She was born in San Juan Puerto Rico.  Graduated from H.S. Republica de Columbia in Rio Piedras , Puerto Rico. Soon after she left Puerto Rico and came to New York, at the age of 18 years old. She got married and had 4 children. She worked as a Teacher assistant and she was offered a scholarship to study to become a teacher and study art. That was her dream. She graduated and earned an Associate in Art at the BMCC, in New York. Follow by a Bachelors Degree at the Staten Island University,  where she studied Art History, Studio Painting, Photography,  Printing, and Silk Screening.

What inspired her most was the colors of the island. The aqua blue beaches, the green palm trees, and the Flamboyant trees. She loves Nature, especially the trees decorating the roads on the mountains with the orange and yellow flowers falling on the ground.  She became a certified Special Education for five years. She also worked for more than 50 years in New York and in New Jersey at different levels and grades from K-12.

Her American Dream is to become an artist.  Her artwork depicts, scenes on canvas from her native island.  She loves painting abstract and still life.  That is something she dearly loves to do as long as she lives.

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Featured Work on Display on Powerstories’ Art Wall


Jessica Tomlinson

Despite being considered legally blind, Jessica enjoys using her remaining vision to its maximum potential when creating art with colored pencils or acrylic paint. She enjoys exhibiting her work in various local markets including the Gulfport Last Saturday Bloc party and others. She can be found on Instagram @the_vi_artist k

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Featured Work on Display on Powerstories’ Art Wall

Purple wildflowers agaist a backdrop of leaves and shades of green – Acrylic on canvas

Spring is inspirational! These flowers represent the world in bloom!