We are only as good as our volunteers! So, here are ways you can help and who you should call.

Theatre Productions – We need volunteers for play reading committees, technical, backstage assistance and some acting. For more information please contact Clareann Despain or Fran Powers.

Marketing – We need volunteers to work on our marketing committees to help Powerstories sell out every show. There is an emphasis on group sales. For more information please contact Deb Kelley, Marketing Director.

Lobby – We need volunteers to work the lobby pre and post for all of our shows. Sign up to volunteer and see the show for FREE! Volunteer assignments are: Playbills and seating – hand out playbills and seat guests, and Greeter – greet guests in the theatre lobby. For more information, please email Cheryl Flowers, Lobby Manager, or sign up below.

Special Projects – We always need volunteers for copying, folding, stuffing etc. Please contact Fran Powers.

Special Events – We usually do one or two fundraisers each year. We always need many hands on deck for this. Please contact Fran Powers.

Handyman/Facility – We ALWAYS need help with painting, building, hanging shelves etc. For more information, please contact Fran Powers.