2023 Season of Shows


Set entirely in a cornfield, In McClintock’s Corn is a play about gender-non-conforming, neurodivergent geneticist Barbara McClintock and her companion/partner Harriet Creighton. It tells the story of McClintock’s revolutionary quest to understand diversity in nature and to reframe “deviance” as an expression of natural variance.




In Alabama Story, it’s 1959 Alabama. Segregationist Senator E.W. Higgins wants a controversial children’s picture book — about a white rabbit who marries a black rabbit — purged from the state library, but librarian Emily Wheelock Reed refuses, putting both of their worlds at risk in a time of extraordinary social change.



Girls in the Boat was inspired by the true stories of the U.S. women’s Olympic rowing team. A group of smart, fiery young women fights discrimination and prejudice to compete in the male-dominated sport of rowing, finding an unlikely ally in a taciturn men’s coach. Together, they confront ridicule and overcome obstacles. The women refuse to sit on a bus and wait their turn in a battle for gender equality in a sport that makes national news and takes them to the world championships. Against the rhythm of their oars, these women forge bonds and overcome disagreements in their search for greatness. Despite their diverse backgrounds and politics, they pull together to reach their goals in a fast-paced drama that reminds us of what we can all do if we have a common purpose. As our heroines break barriers of race and gender, their newly minted U.S. women’s rowing team becomes the most winning sports team in American history.



A true story written by Powerstories founder Fran Powers with music by Terez Hartmann, Raising Twelve on a Nickel and a Prayer is an original musical spanning three Christmas seasons, beginning in 1950 and closing in 1966. It follows the love story, adventures, and trials and tribulations of Betty, who dreams of having 12 children, and Harold, her husband, a Navy sailor. Streaming will be available as a limited engagement, on December 10 and 17.


The third annual Voices of Women Theatre Festival showcases original local and national plays from novice and veteran women playwrights for a week-long, view-on-demand digital festival.