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Eliana Bello

I am a Cuban-American artist with a focus on acrylic canvas paintings. My full-time job is working in the Hillsborough County community as a case manager helping families access resources. While I have painted most of my life, I only recently started trying to display my art. Working with paint and creating new pieces helps me work through difficult days and I hope to share them as my art develops.

Featured Work on Display on Powerstories’ Art Wall

The piece is a 15inx30in canvas acrylic painting with joint compound being used to replicate a wing. The painting depicts an android angel and on background of shapes. The painting works to represent the perfection expected from family while depicting the constructed and false nature of the self that the expectation creates.

“Heavy” focuses on the mask that we build to mold to other’s expectations of perfection. The unique design that we choose to portray is seen in the android body of the figure. The visible depiction of perfection weighs us down like concrete wings. Our appearance is formulated and structured so as to please others. The creation of ourselves only in preparation for the judgement of others feels heavy.

Liza Compass

Inspired by lucid dreams and the majesties of the natural world, the work of Liza Compass straddles the boundary between Realism and Surrealism, falling into a realm the artist lovingly terms “Dreamscape Realism” to describe the art created from her mind’s eye. Like most creatives, the work of Liza Compass sprouts from deep within her personal psyche. After struggling with crippling depression, anxiety, and lack of self identity for most of her life, she eventually grew frustrated with self imposed expectations of what art “should be” and “is allowed to be” and overwhelmed to the point of quitting all together. By contrast, her modern work tells a familiar story of perseverance, self mastery, acceptance and love; accessible to all who are willing and able to look within to face themselves. Liza’s artwork is constantly evolving as the creative strives to combine unexpected materials with more classic methods of art making to capture what inspires her most in likeness, emotion and higher meaning. Emotional potency is the driving force between everything Liza does, which she hopes to communicate to the viewer through her choices in color, motion, texture and juxtapositional elements. Her work embodies the celebration of timeless lessons, intelligent design, and the power of creative expression; as we are all perfectly designed, intentional expressions of the creator with our own special purpose.

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Featured Work on Display on Powerstories’ Art Wall

“Where Shadows Lie” – Colored pencil and ink on paper.

Navigating life through vivd dreams and boundless creativity, Liza Compass uses a variety of mediums to express the unique beauty experienced through her mind’s eye. “Where Shadows Lie” can be viewed from a variety of perspectives. In many ways, the piece is quite beautiful and delicate; yet there is no denying its dark undertones laced with death and pain laid out amongst a labyrinth of thorns. In this piece, snakes are used as an illusive symbol of transformation and growth because sometimes the greatest catalysts for change we’ll ever experience are the things that terrify us. But as always, things are not always as they seem on the surface. Sometimes we are required to look into the darkness so that we may truly recognize the light.

Georgette DeSalvo

Georgette De Salvo is an amateur artist who creates works occasionally in acrylics, mosaics, and photography. She lives happily in Clearwater.

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Featured Work on Display on Powerstories’ Art Wall

Black Wood 11×14 Frame of 8×10 panel acrylic painting

TRUTH: -Our thoughts create our reality – All time is simultaneous


Rachel Dummeldinger

My name is Rachel Dummeldinger. As a 25-year resident in the Tampa Bay area, I have been painting for just as long. Like many, my inspiration comes from impressionist artists such as Degas, Renoir, and Monet just to name a few. However, my personal style tends to align itself with abstract expressionism, with one foot firmly planted in each of its components. My art is prone to include heavy textures, bold colors and hint at uncanny life references. The work you see comes from living a textured life, full of adventure and dare I say, a little misadventure. It’s all of those experiences that fuel my work, and my vision for a future rich with more art. In spite of a modest art education, I am fortunate and very grateful to have enjoyed several awards over the last couple of years.

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Featured Work on Display on Powerstories’ Art Wall

Abstracted expression of feminine energy boldly pursuing beauty

This piece practically created itself. As the 3rd and last remaining piece in a trilogy, it tells the story of feminine strength and the pursuit of beauty.

Giuliana Francesca Falco

Rendering holistic fine art for the healing pleasure of humanity.

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Featured Work on Display on Powerstories’ Art Wall

Silver Framed 18×24 Watercolor of Mermaid

For sale $465.

Anthony Feliciano

40 yr old Puerto Rican spray paint artist, Buddhist, and Dad.

Featured Work on Display on Powerstories’ Art Wall

Spray paint art in black and white.

Casey Wullner

EnTactus-To Touch Within

“The artist job, fundamentally, is not to seek inspiration and express it, it is to guide others to it. Artistic expression is but a beacon to inspiration.” -Casey J. Wullner

The creative expressions of Casey span throughout his life manifested in both the cohesive paved in skin series he’s most known for, and expandihng into a wide diversity of masterful creative expressions. The paved in skin series features primarily feminine divine portraiture. Using a self-developed mixed media technique, Casey combines acrylic, India ink and concrete patch in an entirely unique way that contrast the precision and softness of feminine figures against the hard and coarse paved surface. Casey, having no formal education in art, is almost entirely self-taught. His early childhood diagnosis of Adhd came at time in our society when the condition was largely misunderstood little was offered outside of medication. Casey understood form a very early age that medication couldn’t be the answer and in a system that offered him no other coping mechanism, he understood that if he were to learn to cope, it would be through his own understanding alone. This empowered casey to see what others might have missed. I create because I am compelled to. To see a creative expression through from a vague idea that exists only in my mind, to a completed piece that I once could only barely even imagine, there is no better personal satisfaction. -What motivates me most is inspiring others to pursue their own potential and then begin to realize it. To create alone is reward enough but to see my own creations inspire others to create, to help them see in themselves their own greater potential is what drives me to realize my own.

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Featured Work on Display on Powerstories’ Art Wall

EnTactus-To Touch Within Acrylic/Resin on Canvas

What is EnTactus? Literally it is a combination of Greek and Latin words meaning “to touch within.” At a glance it is thought to refer to the creative expressions of Casey. It is the sum of all he has created and and all he will create, but to Casey however, EnTactus is so much more than that. To him it is the creative force shared by us all. It’s the energy by which all things are created. It is the substrate of reality and on it we can but create. EnTactus is a conscious effort to manifest the subconscious into reality. It is the understanding that reality is but what we create collectively. EnTactus is an invitation. An invitation to create. Each of us must decide for ourselves how best we might manifest our dreams, but make no mistake, we manifest them whether we consciously decide to or not. The invitation is but to do so with intent. The world is as we have made it. Our choice in it is to accept it as it is, for all it beauty and its horrors, or to consciously contribute more to its beauty. Its not simply an invitation to create art as I do, or even simply art in its countless forms. It is an invitation to actively manifest beauty into the world, to work toward building a more beautiful place. It is an invitation to become your best, however you might chose to do so that you might be better equipped to better the world. It is an invitation to invest your time, your resources and your efforts into manifesting and into things manifesting a more perfect world. Though perfection is not attainable, the conscious pursuit of it brings us to it most near.