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Powerstories is proud to partner with Arts4All Florida, a nonprofit organization that promotes the accomplishments of artists with disabilities.

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Cheryl A. Beaudoin

As an hobbyist photographer I love photographing nature, wildlife and macro subjects, with anything else that brings joy. Macro photography has a love spot in my heart and has helped me succeed in moving forward in my work with photography. Macro brings out features that may not be seen by the natural eye and magnifies elements to capture things you normally would not detect. Due to the nature of my permanent injury, I can only shoot with a point and shoot camera, so I try to find the best I can for me to produce the best I can.

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Featured Work on Display on Powerstories’ Art Wall

“Christmas Ornaments,” Photography on Canvas, 16″x20″ $290

The holiday season is a time of warmth and sparkle for me. These ornaments ignite that sparkle for me.

“Christmas Sugar Cookies,” Photography on Canvas, 16″x20″ $290

Whether baking with family or friends, the aroma coming from the oven and the conversation around the kitchen table always warms my heart during the holidays.

Jack Beverland aka Mr. B

Artistically known as Mr. B, he is a self-taught folk artist.

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Featured Work on Display on Powerstories’ Art Wall

The Horn of Plenty,” Dimensional paint 15 ½” x 18 ½”. $150

The “Horn Of Plenty” was one of my early works. At the time it was around Thanksgiving. I was thinking about how Happy I was, how Good our lives were. God was in our lives, I was starting my life in Folk Art as Mr. “B.” Since that time I have exhibited and sold my work in Florida and the southeast. Last year, I was honored to be a part of the Tampa Museum of Art’s “An Irresistible Urge to Create: The Monroe Family Florida Outsider Art” exhibition where one of my works was selected for the opening reception invitation cover.

Lora Duguay

I have been creative since childhood, but when my life was affected by Post-Polio Syndrome, my hobby became my full time career. During my thirty plus years of painting my artistic creativity has been focused on the cultural beauty of indigenous tribes, nature, and iconography. My art has been exhibited in various museums and galleries and I have won many awards. I am a member of the Arts4All Florida Registry. In recent years I have been focusing on pastels, colored pencils, as well as painting rocks and wood slice ornaments in acrylics and hand embellishments with Swarovski crystals. It is my desire to not only bring pleasure to the viewers eye, but to evoke emotion, memories and pleasant thoughts and gifts that can be cherished for many years to come.

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Featured Work on Display on Powerstories’ Art Wall

“Gypsy Christmas,” Oil Painting, 24″ x 18″ $700

I am a Clearwater artist, diversified in many mediums. Gypsy Christmas was inspired by my love for the Roma people. Nomadic life in a caravan is depicted in this painting as the Roma couple carry their Christmas tree in the snowy winter scene.

“Autumn Truck,” Colored Pencils and Pan Pastels, 12″ x 15″, $300

I have always loved the autumn season, just before the Thanksgiving holiday. This autumn truck depicts the beautiful memories of being In the countryside during the Thanksgiving season. Website:

Madison Hongyee

Madison is a non-verbal 20-year-old adult with autism. She spends much of her time drawing about the things she sees and experiences. Living in Florida their whole lives, her family has a tradition of cutting out snowflakes and hanging them from their ceiling at Christmas time. Madison didn’t join them to cut-out snowflakes, but she did create this picture while they were hanging them up. Madison might not always seem like she is taking part in the moment, but her art reminds her mother that she really is!

Featured Work on Display on Powerstories’ Art Wall

“Snowflakes,” Micosoft “Paint”on Canvas, 16″ x20”, $50

Keesha Jimenez

This is a painting about how we would spend the holidays. We have tons of traditional dishes and drinks we would make specifically in December for Christmas and New Year’s. During the holidays, we normally would hold a parranda (serenading festivities) throughout the neighborhood with music and dancing for days on end until New Years. I am fond of my memories as a Puerto Rican because of all the hard work we invest in making those dishes because it is a family effort to complete them. Wensite:

Featured Work on Display on Powerstories’ Art Wall

“La Cultura de Puerto Rico,” Acrylic and Oil Paint, 20″x16″ $250

We celebrate family in December. That is the most important thing to us, and we try to make up for our differences during this time to come together and party like no tomorrow.

Austin Lubetkin

Lubetkin is an artist and an aerospace software engineer. Drawing on experiences with his disability and art therapy for inspiration, he sees the world and its colors as emotions, calling this concept, “the evolving mural.”

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Featured Work on Display on Powerstories’ Art Wall

“New Year’s Spirit, Digital Art, 16″ x 16”

Rudy S.

Born in Haiti, making art for Rudy has always helped him feel good about himself. Using his imagination, he creates surrealist, folk-art landscapes that invite viewers into a magical world. Rudy’s unique style reflects the unlimited creativity that he sees around him. His work, “Winter Town,” was inspired by the mystical, snowy landscapes growing up in New York before he settled in sunny Tampa.

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Featured Work on Display on Powerstories’ Art Wall

“Winter Town,” Acrylic, 18″x24″. $100

Richard Sele

Richard is a retired Brigadier General Army veteran. A primarily self-taught artist, he works in scratchboard, a form of direct engraving. Much of his work captures the impact of famine, homelessness, and war but also depicts respected humanitarians and former leaders and icons in music, sports, and movies. Website:

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Featured Work on Display on Powerstories’ Art Wall

“A Christmas Story,” 16″x20″, $175

This piece are from scenes from the movie, “A Christmas Story.” I started with “The Triple Dog Dare,” which depicts the famous scene where Schwartz gets his tongue stuck to the frozen metal pole. I followed with “The Gift from Aunt Clara,” “I Shot My Eye Out,” and “The Leg Lamp.

Tricia Sham

Relating to nature demonstrates the many intricacies woven between our seemingly exclusive situations and nature’s. I utilize the similarities to create metaphorical relationships. By unifying nature as medium to communicate our complexities, I can process and depict complicated and often conflicting feelings. I explore the contrast between colorful surfaces with emotive and intense experiences through abstraction and texture. Website:

Featured Work on Display on Powerstories’ Art Wall

“Rueful Reunion,” Colored Pencil and Acrylic, 11″x13″ $75

When I think of the holidays, I think of reuniting with family. The Rue flower is depicted to represent the bittersweetness of reunions; with ‘I’m so glad to see you again’ pairs well with ‘See you (not so) soon.’ The Rue flower is also known as the ‘Herb of Grace’; despite us knowing the depart, we carry on with grace to enjoy the present moments with loved ones.

Alex Singer

I learned about the Yule Log a long time ago. Today it’s a cake decorated to look like a log for Yule celebrations, but it wasn’t always. From what I was told the Yule log was a log that was burned piece by piece starting on Christmas Eve until the twelfth night. If there was a left over piece of the log it should be stored under the bed to protect the house from lighting and fires. Traditions as they’re passed along change and reflect a time that is both past and present. Website:

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Featured Work on Display on Powerstories’ Art Wall

“Yule Log,” Ink and Colored Pencil 9″x12″. $115

Jessica Tomlinson

Despite being considered legally blind, Jessica enjoys using her remaining vision to its maximum potential when creating art with colored pencils or acrylic paint. She enjoys exhibiting her work in various local markets including the Gulfport Last Saturday Bloc party and others. She can be found on Instagram @the_vi_artist k

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Featured Work on Display on Powerstories’ Art Wall

“Winter Dreams,” Paper crafting, metallic ink and puffy paint on a white paper shopping bag, 11″x17″

Stylized penguins playing in metallic-accented snow captures the fun spirit of the holidays!  Puffy paint was added, particularly on the faces so that one can feel the details as well as see them.  One can also feel the various textures of the paper used.  It is created from up-cycled materials so as to make clever use of left-over materials and reduce waste. When I was a child, my parents hung large, decorative gift bags depicting old-world Victorian Christmas scenes as decorations at several places in the house rather than giving or receiving gifts in them. I wanted people to have the option to either display this decorative gift bag, or fill it with something home-made from the heart.