Meet Our Sponsors for Irena’s Vow



In celebration of March’s Women’s History Month, be part of an exclusive ChangemakHER network of like-minded women dedicated to making a positive impact by supporting Powerstories’ Voices of Women Theatre Festival. As a trailblazer, you will foster collaborations beyond the festival, inspire positive change, and leave a legacy of empowerment, creativity, and inclusivity.

In 2024, we are seeking 24 women who deeply believe in women’s rights and the urgency for women’s voices to be heard and magnified.

From March 7-16, our groundbreaking Voices of Women Theatre Festival highlights the diverse voices of female playwrights—local, national, and international, live-in-theatre, and online—improving the stark underrepresentation of women in playwriting. Did you know only 25% of all playwrights are women? Help lift these voices and reshape the narrative. Make a difference by supporting and celebrating these talented female playwrights.

Join Powerstories’ ChangemakHERS. Leave an indelible mark on Women’s History Month.


Each ChangemakHER festival sponsorship comes with several levels and free tickets that can be donated to a local nonprofit if you do not use them for yourself, employees, or clients. Additional discounted tickets are also available to all festival sponsors.

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  • STEP 2: Complete sponsorship form
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