At Powerstories, we want you to feel safe as you are entering our theatre.  So we have put  in place policies to make sure we can offer you the best and safest experience when you join us here at the theater. We hope you’ll assist in making this easy and comfortable for everyone.

We continue to update and monitor our guidelines based on guest comfort, health care professional directions, and CDC guidelines. Therefore, we have some guidelines that may change from time to time, for the most up to date information please give us a call (813) 253-2000 or send an email with any questions to

  • Masks are encouraged but not required upon entry to the facility
  • Hand sanitizer available
  • Regular sanitation of the theater and high touch areas
  • Shows are limited in length to avoid intermissions and lines to the restroom

Health and Safety Protocols for Rehearsal and Performances — Powerstories Theatre Theatre

  1. Every member of the cast and crew is required to be fully vaccinated.
  2. Every member of the cast and crew is required to wear face covering at all times while in the theatre with the exception of dress rehearsals, previews and performances.
  3. Social distancing should be maintained whenever possible.
  4. No visitors will be permitted during the rehearsal process or backstage during
    performance without prior consent and authorization.
  5. Every member of the cast and crew agrees to be judicious about limiting potential
    Covid exposure as a way of ensuring the health and safety of all involved.
  6. Rehearsal, performance spaces and all other high touch areas are sanitized regularly.