Mission & Vision

The Powerstories Theatre of Tampa Bay mission is staging true stories to open minds and hearts and inspire action worldwide.

Our vision is that Powerstories Theatre of Tampa Bay will be the worldwide leader in seeking, sharing and staging true stories giving special emphasis on works by and for women and girls. In the speaking and honoring of these true stories of great learning, performers and audiences alike receive a powerful gift – the validation that they are living a unique, valuable life. Powerstories Theatre of Tampa vitally connects people with each other, and helps inspire and motivate positive contributions to the world.

Our Philosophy

The Powerstories Theatre of Tampa philosophy is that every person, organization, corporation and community has a Powerstory to discover and share with others.
The discovery and the telling of these autobiographical stories creates new success, invests our lives with more meaning, and connects us more vitally with others. We design each of our theatre productions, workshops, and motivational events to use true stories to increase courage and confidence, deepen appreciation for diversity, and strengthen the bonds between people.

Powerstories Theatre of Tampa Bay opens minds and hearts!

Our History

The story begins when Powerstories Theatre of Tampa Bay was born in June 1998 as Fran Powers crossed the Wyoming border on a cross country bike trip. The idea took root when she returned to Tampa and notified women of an audition opportunity.

She simply asked “Do you have a story to tell?”

Eight local women, ages 30 to 70, with little to no acting background were selected to perform for the general public. An original script “Let the Stories Move You” with original music was written to link all the stories into a cohesive and inspirational theatre piece.

Powerstories Theatre of Tampa Bay debuted in November 2000 at the Friday Morning Musicale in Tampa, Florida. By August 2001 they performed at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center to sold out audiences.