Synopsis: Raising Twelve on a Nickel and a Prayer – A story spanning three Christmas seasons beginning in 1950 when Betty reveals to a young sailor Harold her dream of wanting twelve children. The story continues with living on a Navy paycheck, broken promises, an adventure by train cross-country, and the bleak Christmas of 1963 when Betty is raising children alone in a new city while Harold is at sea. Just before their dream is to be realized, they learn that Betty or baby number twelve will die in childbirth. Christmas of 1966 is one to remember.

Raising Twelve on a Nickel and a Prayer by Fran Taylor Powers and music by Terez Hartman will be performing from December 1 through December 18, 2022, at Powerstories Theatre.

Auditions will be held on Saturday, September 24 from 2 to 4 pm and Tuesday, September 27 from 6:30 to 8:30 pm.

Rehearsals are to begin October 20.

Please click the red button to complete the google form to select an audition date.

You will be contacted with an audition time. Contact Fran Powers ( with questions.

Adults and Children 8 years of age and up – Please prepare a short dramatic or comedic monologue and a song of choice for the audition. Bring your own recorded music to accompany the song.

Children 7 and under may choose to do a monologue and bring a song of choice OR the Director will have them read from the script and sing Happy Birthday.

All actors are paid small stipend.


  • Betty Wolfe Taylor – (Lead character)- Already cast
  • Harold Taylor – (Lead character) – Already cast
  • Royale Martignoni – age 20’s – Already cast
  • Sailor – age 20’s – Already cast
  • Customer #1/Dancer/Neighborhood Mom – age 20’s – Already cast
  • Customer #2/Dancer/Nurse (Woman) – age 20’s – Already cast
  • Donna age 14ish – Already cast
  • Mary age 17ish (lead) – Already cast
  • Liz age 13ish (lead) – Already cast
  • Fran age 11ish (lead) – Already cast
  • David age 9 ish
  • John age 8 ish – Already cast
  • Rose age 7 ish – Already cast
  • Judy age 7 ish – Already cast
  • Cathy age 6 ish – Already cast
  • Ruth age 6 ish – Already cast