Voices of Truth Theatre Festival March 10-28, 2021

Powerstories Theatre, Tampa, FL




Question: I will be doing a virtual production and I would like to use Equity actors. Do you have some sort of agreement with Actors Equity? Am I able to do this? Two of my actors (who have been with the project for a while now) have major Broadway credits and one is a former Tony nominee for best actor in a musical. 

Answer: Newly confirmed rules still apply to Equity actors for live streaming much the same as live productions. There are stipulations, but we are ticketing the event and charging a small admission as the presenting theatre, so we will not fall under those stipulations. Since you are the producer you will be responsible for making arrangements with Equity regarding payments and streaming rights.

Question: Are there a set number of performances?

Answer:  Each production will get one performances.

Question: Would it be possible, or do you include time after the show for a brief talk back? For most hearing people, this is their first contact with the Deaf and Coda world, and they are curious! Perfectly ok if this is not built into the period, they can always contact me directly.

Answer:  Absolutely we can do some post discussions. That would be awesome. Let us know all ideas and we will work with you to make them happen.

Question: Is there any planned compensation for the production groups?

Answer:   All proceeds will be going to Powerstories and Outcast Theatre Group.

Here is what Powerstories is supplying for you:

Powerstories Theatre will provide our stage for final performances, rehearsal time, technical assistance, marketing, box office assistance, high-quality live-streaming, and a copy of the live stream video.  The promotions we will be supplying to introduce you to a global community includes:


Powerstories will be promoting your play in all forms of media, including Q&A interviews with each director, press releases, and press pieces to appear online in local magazines, blogs, event websites, Arts Tampa Bay, and regular biweekly promotion on Facebook and Instagram. We will also share with networking sites and submit to television and radio stations. Be sure to like Powerstories Theatre’s Facebook page so we can tag you in our posts.  To be most successful in our promotion, we need a vector (resizable .eps or Illustrator .ai) graphic of your play’s logo that can be sized for poster and website use. We look forward to introducing our global community to your incredible work.

Question: Can I send a previously recorded performance of my production for the festival?

Answer:  Yes, you may send us a quality prerecorded production. It is our vision to do live performances digitally or on our stage, but due to COVID-19 and the hardships it is presenting to millions of people, we are accepting prerecorded quality productions. Next year we are hoping all productions will be produced live on our stage.

Question: When is the deadline to submit our logo?

Answer:  Getting the logo to us by January 10 or sooner would be great. We want to start promoting everyone as soon as possible. Let us know if you need help with the logo as our team can assist with design. I imagine you have your own great resources, but if you need assistance, let us know.

Please note: We will add more questions here as they are asked by festival artists, so please check back here for updates.